My mission is to create a rich social, physical, creative, and  academic environment where children ages 3-5 can build friendships, problem-solve, gain confidence, and have fun.

Neighborhood Preschool is a place for children and parents to gently transition between the early years of home and the larger world of elementary school.  It is a part-time private pre-kindergarten in the High Point neighborhood of West Seattle.

It is a place where children can gain confidence and basic skills before entering kindergarten, where they can have a successful first experience at their school learning career.

We focus on learning what it means to go to school.  How do we treat one another?  What is my responsibility as a learner?  And we have lots of time for practice, because we are all learning.

2016/17 School Year

Morning Class    9:00 to 12:30    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Afternoon Class   1:00 to 4:30    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

$315/month from September to June, and a once yearly $65 annual equipment fee

I will begin enrollment after the annual West Seattle Preschool Fair  in January each year.

Currently I have 2 openings in the afternoon class.

One end of our classroom...

One end of our classroom…

Our classroom, while in part of my home, is in a separate and creative space with a restroom and front play yard.  The toys and tools are purposeful and fun.  The play yard is full of ways to move, to imagine, and explore.  And we take advantage of two nearby parks and go on field trips once a month.

We follow the Seattle Public School calendar in regard to holidays and school breaks, as well as snow days, but start school one week later in September and end school one week earlier in June.  I share a Google calendar with enrolled families; it is not public.

...and another.

…and another.

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